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Figure for Sublime Oblivion 16 April 2015

Figure for Sublime Oblivion was a site-specific multimedia birthday reception. The reception was held on the empty plinth of Barbara Hepworth’s sculpture Figure for Landscape, outside Kunsthall Stavanger, 16th of April 2015. This was exactly one year after the statue was removed by Kunsthall Stavanger who decided to sell the sculpture to improve their financial situation, a decision which created an uproar in the city of Stavanger.

The reception consisted of a sculpture and a photography, as well as a speech/performance together with sounds/music received from outer space. The performance was a autofictive birthday speech for the plinth as well as the space Occupy Landscape. It focused on ending the finger-pointing, debate and argues that occoured after the sale of Hepworth's sculpture.

As an attempt of having the involved burying the hatchet, Kristensen talked about the assesing of blame and guilt, the past and the future, as well as the counterbalance he felt occured in Stavangers art enviroment in the aftermath of the sale of the sculpture.

Read more about the sale of the sculpture at Institute of Museum Ethics and Artnet News

The reception consisted of the following works:

Big yellow taxi, 2015, sound, 02:53 min

Thanks to audio engineer Kjetil Egeland

Birthday speech, 2015, performance
Figure for sublime oblivion, 2015, sculpture (rubber, helium, brick and rope)
Translucent insomnia, 2007, photography

Documentation by Siri Borge.